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To ensure reliable, secure, innovative, and customer-oriented technology and services, The Office of Information Technology's strategic efforts are currently governed by five groups:

Information Technology Review Group (ITRG)

ITRG is the presidentially-approved cross-institution advisory and guidance group with the responsibility to provide input and direction on IT–related matters across Ohio University. This Council is comprised of members from all aspects of the University including faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, deans, administrators, and technologists. The ITRG facilitates discussion and evaluates complex IT issues.

Information Technology Governance Council (ITGC)

Information Technology at Ohio University is also governed by an executive oversight group comprised of the President, CIO, EVP Provost, VP Finance & Administration, members of the Board of Trustees, and selected external experts. This body was created as a result of the 2006 security breaches and has continued through development and implementation of the IT Improvement Plan.

Faculty Technology Advisory Group (FTAG)

FTAG is a group derived from Faculty Senate and is comprised of faculty members university-wide and provides faculty input and guidance on matters impacting faculty, students, and instruction. 

Student Technology Advisory Group (STAG)

STAG is lead by Ohio University's Student Senate President and is comprised of Ohio University students. STAG is one of our most valued groups because it allows our administration to hear our students' voices.  STAG serves as a lens for the wants and needs of our students.

Web Advisory Group (WAG)

This group is comprised of representatives from across the University with interest and involvement in web-related services. Co-chaired by the CIO and the UCM Executive Director, WAG defines standards and services available for the entire campus. WAG recommended web content be managed at the departmental level through use of easy-to-use templates in Commonspot webpage software.