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OIT Code of Ethics

 Office of Information Technology

Code of Ethics

·         Teamwork

o   We foster partnerships through being accountable, having dedication, and sharing generously of our time and energy.

o   We value a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with OIT, Ohio University, and the greater community.

·         Respect

o   We conduct ourselves with kindness, fairness, courtesy, dignity, and honesty toward others.

·         Communication

o   We are committed to honesty, openness, and transparency in all our interactions.

o   We are proactive and timely with the information we share.

o   We seek to clarify and illuminate in all of our communication.

·         Responsibility

o   We strive to be worthy of the trust that others place in us and are cautious, protective, and law- abiding in our work.

o   We will measure ourselves and our work against the highest standards of responsibility, stewardship, quality, and best practices.

·         Growth

o   We will invest in the development of our knowledge, expertise, and competency.

o   We strive to help all we encounter through service and education.

·         Excellence

o   We seek to maintain the excellence of Ohio University through proactive, knowledgable, strategic, and innovative decisions.

·         Community

o   We embrace our responsibility to the heritage of Ohio University and accept the challenge to carry it forward to future generations.

o   We contribute to thir larger community through charitable giving and active participation.

o   We value the culture and history of the University, the local community, and the region.