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Snap Shot: Secure file transfers with Filelocker

June 26, 2013

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If you've ever done any collaborative work - and who hasn't? - then you've probably had to store, share, or send at least one large file.  Grant applications routinely run multiple gigabytes in size, and even a simple PowerPoint can be several hundred megabytes if it contains a lot of images or an embedded video.

Email won't work for files like this.  Our faculty/staff/grad student server limits attachments to 20 MB, but anything over 10 MB runs the risk of being stripped somewhere along the way by a server with stricter size limits than we have. 

DropBox is popular with many faculty and students for collaborative projects, but if you are sharing/storing files that contain protected research data or other information that is best kept private, you might want to think twice.  DropBox is a commercial service, and they don't necessarily value your files' security the way you do. 

If you need a secure way to share or temporarily store large files, consider Filelocker.  Filelocker lets you store files as big as 8 GB for up to 30 days.  The files are encrypted automatically and can be shared easily with other OHIO users or with non-university colleagues.  For example, the Test Score Office uses Filelocker to distribute graded exam reports to instructors.

Filelocker: flexible, secure, and spacious.  Give it a try!

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