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Snap Shot: Refreshing 13 college websites in 2 years

July 05, 2013

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Two years ago, the Provost asked UCM and OIT to update the various college and campus websites that make up Ohio University's online presence.  When the project began, many of those sites were showing their age, and all were stylistically and navigationally distinct from one another.  Prospective students were forced to learn how to navigate each unit's site separately, and it was not always apparent that those sites even belonged to Ohio University.

The Provost agreed to fund a redesign, but only if branding standards and technological constraints were followed. That stipulation enabled OIT to facilitate numerous changes, ranging from making it easy for visitors to know that an academic unit was a part of Ohio University, to ensuring that emergency notifications are reliably displayed in a timely manner.

Before this project began, meeting appropriate brand standards and technological constraints was unmanageable at best.  Now, academic websites make more efficient use of content and are much less vulnerable to technical and design staff turnover.

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