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Flipping a class? Flip the prep, too...

April 26, 2013

Sam Girton, Interim Director of Academic Technologies and Associate Professor of Visual Communications

The flipped classroom is getting a lot of talk these days, much of that focused on what happens IN the classroom after a faculty member does the flip.  The benefits there are clear - better student engagement, more time to apply concepts during limited classroom hours, and the ability to provide a known, consistent lecture experience for large courses with many instructors or TAs.

There's a lot less talk, though, about how flipping a class changes things for the instructor OUTSIDE of the classroom.  

Most importantly, your prep time will change.  A typical flipped  session takes longer to create than if you just walked in and gave that same lecture to the class.  How much longer, of course, depends on how comfortable you are using the recording tools, and the production values you are shooting for.  Narrating over an existing PowerPoint/Keynote lecture or solving a few problems on a virtual white board won't require nearly as much time as producing a 30 minute, Ken Burns-style video.  

In either case, though, the benefits are worth the investment:

Flipped Classroom from Academic Technologies on Vimeo.

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Tags: teaching, academic technologies

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