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About OIT

The primary role of the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is to serve as an agent to the campus community in leveraging technology to advance and support the mission and goals of the University. The Office of Information Technology provides the foundation and services that support Ohio University's faculty, students and staff in their use of technology in learning, teaching, research, and administrative pursuits. The Office of Information Technology consists of Information Security, Networks and Infrastructure, Systems and Operations, Customer Support Services, Academic Technology, Business Applications and Information Services, Academic Information Systems, Web Services and Departmental Solutions, and the Office of the CIO, which includes Project Management and Communications.

The Office of Information Technology's mission is:

To ensure reliable, secure, innovative, and customer-oriented information technology services and solutions are available to advance the academic mission and objectives of Ohio University.  OIT will:

  • Provide information technology planning, development and leadership to the University community

  • Provide a robust, secure, and up-to-date information infrastructure

  • Investigate new technologies and implement provision of customer-oriented and integrated applications and services

  • Provide transparent and measurable management practices


Craig Bantz

Craig Bantz

Chief Information Officer

Duane Starkey

Duane Starkey

Assistant CIO

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Brian Bowe

Assistant CIO

Photo: Chris Ament

Chris Ament

Assistant CIO