Course Availability

Instructors:  Remember to make your course available for student viewing.  Here are the steps:
  • Open the course within Blackboard
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select Customization
  • Select Properties
  • Change the Available marker to Yes
  • Click Submit
Students:  If you do not see your course in Blackboard, it is because your instructor has not yet made it available to you. Please note that your instructors have the option to use Blackboard, it is not required, so some of your courses may never appear within Blackboard.


Mobile Learning

Engage students with a mobile education.
Mobile learning harnesses the power of Blackboard anytime, anywhere. Get instant mobile access to all aspects of your digital educational experience. Learning has no limits.

Blackboard Mobile

Mobile App Information

Look for these apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.
Icon Bb Student
Icon Panopto
Icon VoiceThread
Icon Top Hat
Icon Adobe Connect


What is Bb Student?

Bb Student is Blackboard’s next generation native mobile solution that enables students to react to their immediate needs and helps them stay up-to-date on their academic progress and requirements. Bb Student brings a completely new user experience and aesthetic to Blackboard’s mobile product suite. The app offers students an intuitive way to view and interact with courses, instructors, classmates, and content with emphasis placed on their immediate needs.


What is Bb Instructor?

Bb Instructor is Blackboard’s new mobile and tablet-optimized app. Bb Instructor is expected to be available globally in July 2017 on iOS and Android and will focus on workflows that are most important to instructors. The first release of Bb Instructor will include the ability to access courses, view content and tests, participate in discussions, create announcements, and join Collaborate sessions. Bb Instructor will be on Blackboard's continuous release cycle, so you'll see new functionality and improvements monthly.
More information on Bb Instructor can be found here.

Create mobile device-friendly assessments

Use this guide to build tests for use with the Bb Student app.



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We recommend Firefox for all Blackboard activities. Download the latest Firefox browser here.

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Accessibility Features in Blackboard? 
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Timesaving Tips Using the Blackboard Grade Center
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Tips for Assessing Student Learning Using Blackboard
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Tips for Preventing Online Cheating
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Copyright Considerations
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A reminder that we will never ask you for your Blackboard/OHIO account password. Please don't respond to messages or websites that ask you for personal information about your account. Please report any suspicious attempts to gain your information to
Blackboard usage statement
Please note that Blackboard, a learning management system (LMS), is a vehicle for delivering content, not a storage or content management system. All users are responsible for maintaining their own backups of any and all content which they upload to or create within Blackboard. In the event of corruption, inadvertent deletion, or other loss of content/files, including student submissions, OIT cannot guarantee the restoration of these materials from system backups. If this is a concern for you, please back up your courses and files regularly. Feel free to contact Ohio University's Blackboard Support team for assistance with archival and back up procedures.


Instructors - take it to the next level and SuperCharge your Blackboard course with these dynamic and engaging tools! 


Icon  Ignite student participation!

Top Hat - a comprehensive teaching platform that helps instructors easily create an interactive lecture experience.

  • Upload and display PowerPoint presentations
  • Create customized multimedia-rich slide shows
  • Content display in class and on mobile devices simultaneously
  • Present from an iPad, mobile device or desktop browser
  • Poll students & ask questions
  • Track attendance
  • Capture student responses in real-time
  • Sync question and attendance scores to Blackboard
  • Hold discussions (anonymous, or not)
  • Mobile-friendly, free app, no hardware clickers or licenses required


Panopto - lecture capture software that allows instructors to record their lectures and students to replay those lectures at a later time. Panopto has several potential uses, such as:

  • Recording a demonstration in class
  • Creating a voiceover PowerPoint presentation
  • Recording student presentations
  • Many more!


Voice Thread - VoiceThreaders are one of the most diverse communities in the world, and that is by design. Participate using your voice, video or text. Use a screen reader or caption your videos. Use any computer, device, or internet connection. Join in the way that works best for you.

  • Provide "Untethered," on-demand participation for students and educators
  • Build a stronger sense of community within classes
  • Streamline course infrastructure with a media agnostic platform
  • Remove logistical barriers of time and place from online learning environments
  • Offer accessible means of participation for anyone
  • Enhance understanding of visual concepts via multi-modal commentary with annotation

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