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Known Issues




Quicktime not working on Mac computers in any browser

A small number of older webpages still rely on the legacy QuickTime 7 web plug-in to play media. This plug-in is no longer enabled in recent versions of OS X and some web browsers. This article will help you solve these problems.

Fix common audio and video issues in Firefox

Sometimes, the video or audio content in a web page cannot be properly downloaded and displayed in Firefox. A required plugin may be missing, outdated, blocked, in conflict with another plugin or extension, or the content may be blocked for some reason. This article will help you solve these problems.

Respondus LockDown Browser

We are sorry to inform you that the Respondus LockDown Browser Building Block is no longer available within Blackboard. The Respondus Building Block was independently funded and unfortunately the funding was not renewed. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you. If you would like assistance in finding alternative methods of securing your exams, please contact Academic Technologies or Blackboard Support.

Blank White Screen

Users should try clearing their browser's cache if they experience a blank white screen when trying to access a test or quiz in Blackboard. How-to guides on clearing the cache in a browser can be found on our Blackboard Support webpage under the "Browser Issues" section. 


Changes, updates, upgrades and releases


October 2014 Release Known Issues

Details of the known issues for the October 2014 Release of Blackboard can be found here.


Common Questions


Students, click here for a list of answers to some of our most common student questions.

Faculty, click here for a list of answers to our most common faculty questions.


Course Copy


Course Copy Problem

If you have used the course copy feature within Blackboard and received the following message:

The following Course Copy process has completed:
The results of the process are shown below.
Error: An error occurred while persisting the course. Please contact the Blackboard Administrator at your institution for assistance.

And then received 404 errors when accessing attached content in your destination (copy to) course;

Here are the steps to rectify this issue:

Please note: If you have any grades entered into the Grade Center, do not use this process. Contact Blackboard Support for further assistance.

1. Bulk delete the contents of your destination course (copy to). This will erase all of the data from the destination course and prevent duplication of content. You can find instructions for bulk deletion of a course here.
2. In your source course (copy from), move all of your files to the course file repository. You will find instructions on how to do so here.
3. After you have confirmed that your course files for your source course (copy from) are in the course files repository, run the course copy process again. You will find instructions on using the course copy feature here.

Course Copy Best Practices

You can find Course Copy Best Practices here, which may help you to avoid the above course copy issue.



Course Files Drag and Drop on a Mac

Currently the drag and drop feature of the Course Files Repository does not work on Macs. You may still upload multiple documents to the course files repository by selecting the Browse button on the upload page. You will then be given the option to select a folder, or you may hold down the Command key on your keyboard and click with your mouse to select multiple files.

Accessing Content as a Web Folder

The feature that allows you to access the content of your course files area in Blackboard as a web folder is not compatible with the new single sign on authentication.  You can still access your course files area, but you will need to do so within Blackboard.


Grade Center

Cannot see the scroll bars on a mobile device (iPad / Safari)

1. Go to Safari Browser on your iPad and navigate to the grade center of the course you desire to work in.
2. Next to where it says “Grade Center: Full Grade Center” select the drop down button.
3. Select “Turn Screen Reader Mode on
4. The grade center will now reload and you should see the title of the grade center change to include “Screen Reader Mode Active” and drop down buttons next to the column entries. You can now navigate left, right and up, down by swiping your finger across the screen while inside the box with the columns. If you swipe outside of the grade box area you cannot navigate. The options next to each grade in the drop down menus can be accessed also.

Running totals or weighted columns not adding up correctly

Make sure that all cells in graded columns have a score. If any cells have a null value (--), the column won't calculate properly. Enter zeros into null cells having uncompleted attempts.


McGraw Hill


McGraw Hill Campus Menu Button

We have been contacted by some faculty that were concerned about the addition of the McGraw Hill Campus link in the Blackboard navigation menu. The link automatically appeared as the result of an upgrade to the McGraw Hill building block.

The McGraw Hill Campus button is a link to educational resources, lecture capture, test banks, multimedia and other academic resources for Ohio University faculty, regardless of whether or not they use McGraw Hill textbooks.

Faculty who do not wish to take advantage of these resources may delete the McGraw Hill Campus button from the Blackboard navigation menu by clicking on the chevron (double down arrows) and selecting Delete.




Passwords Containing "&" and "#"

There is a known issue with Blackboard SP13 not allowing users into the system if the & and # symbols are contained in the user's password.  The vendor informed us that using "&#" in that order can be treated like HTML code and should be avoided.  If your password contains &# or the & and # symbol with a few characters between them, our recommendation would be to change your password to something else that contains different symbols.




Special Characters in Turnitin File Names

Using special characters, such as hashtag, in the file name of a Turnitin file can result in the inability for the students or instructors to open the file containing instructor feedback to the students.  This issue has been reported to the vendor and has been added to their list for repair in a future release.

Acess Blackboard button

System Status


Blackboard users may experience multiple interruptions some time during this window

Saturday, 05/28/16, 12:01am - 07:00am

Blackboard Tips

Instructors:  Remember to make your course available for student viewing.  Here are the steps:

  • Open the course within Blackboard
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select Customization
  • Select Properties
  • Change the Available marker to Yes
  • Click Submit

Students:  If you do not see your course in Blackboard, it is because your instructor has not yet made it available to you.  Please note:  your instructors have the option to use Blackboard, it is not required, so some of your courses may never appear within Blackboard.