What is Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is Ohio University's centrally supported Learning Management System. Blackboard Learn is available to all current faculty, staff and students. Blackboard Learn integrates communication tools with a multitude of content delivery options. Blackboard Learn can be used to supplement classroom-based courses, supply the online component of hybrid courses, or deliver the content for distance education courses. Blackboard Learn enables 'conversations in the cloud'.

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Blackboard Learn News

Many students use the Bb Student app to access Blackboard Learn. Learn how to build mobile-friendly tests.

Reducing Textbook Costs

Ohio University has partnered with Top Hat to expand faculty’s access to Open Educational Resources (OER) and reduce textbook costs for students. OHIO has set a goal to convert 100 courses to OER by fall 2018; faculty will receive $500 for each course converted to open resources.

Browser Compatibility

We recommend using Blackboard Learn's official browser checker to make sure that your web browser is fully compatible with the system.

Ohio University currently recommends Firefox for all Blackboard Learn activities. Download the latest version of Firefox.

Tools to engage your students

Instructors: take it to the next level and SuperCharge your Blackboard course with these dynamic and engaging tools to ignite student participation!

Top Hat

Top Hat is a comprehensive teaching platform that helps instructors easily create an interactive lecture experience.

  • Upload and display PowerPoint presentations
  • Create customized multimedia-rich slide shows
  • Content displays in class and on mobile devices simultaneously
  • Present from an iPad, mobile device or desktop browser
  • Poll students & ask questions
  • Track attendance
  • Capture student responses in real-time
  • Sync question and attendance scores to Blackboard
  • Hold discussions (anonymous, or not)
  • Mobile-friendly, free app, no hardware clickers or licenses required


Panopto is lecture capture software that allows instructors to record their lectures and students to replay those lectures at a later time. Panopto has several potential uses, such as:

  • Recording a demonstration in class
  • Creating a voiceover PowerPoint presentation
  • Recording student presentations
  • Many more!

Voice Thread

Voice Thread is one of the most diverse communities in the world, and that is by design. Participate using your voice, video or text. Use a screen reader or caption your videos. Use any computer, device, or internet connection. Join in the way that works best for you.

  • Provide "Untethered," on-demand participation for students and educators
  • Build a stronger sense of community within classes
  • Streamline course infrastructure with a media agnostic platform
  • Remove logistical barriers of time and place from online learning environments
  • Offer accessible means of participation for anyone
  • Enhance understanding of visual concepts via multi-modal commentary with annotation

System Status

Blackboard is functioning as expected.

The May 2018 Learn upgrade is complete.  Details of the updated version are described in this OIT news article.

The Panopto lecture capture service will be unavailable on between 10 PM on Saturday, July 28 and 1 AM on Sunday, July 29 EDT while the vendor performs database updates.  Users will be unable to view or upload recordings during the window.

Blackboard Tips

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Did you know that Blackboard's Grade Center can calculate final grades?  To find out how to get your Grade Center configured to the specifications of your syllabus, see the Grade Center section of the Faculty How-To Guides, or contact Bb Support for a consultation.