Ohio University

Help and Resources: Multi-Factor Authentication

Unexpected Login Requests

Never approve a Duo login request that you did not initiate. An unexpected request means that someone is trying to use your password to login to your account. You should press Deny and change your OHIO password immediately.

Forgotten, Lost or Stolen Devices

  • If you need to verify a login and do not have access to your enrolled device, the IT Service Desk can give you with a temporary bypass code.
  • If your device is lost or stolen, please contact the IT Service Desk to have that device removed from Duo.

Common Tasks and Features

To access most of the features listed below, you must start from a Duo login verification prompt:

  1. From a computer, open a new Incognito or Private Browsing window. In most web browsers, this option is available under the File menu.
  2. Navigate to account.ohio.edu/multi-factor using the window you opened in step 1.
  3. Login with your full @ohio.edu email address and OHIO password.
  4. After successfully entering your password, the Duo login verification prompt will appear.
    If you have Duo set to use your preferred device automatically, you may need to choose Cancel before any of the links in the Duo prompt will be clickable.

Configuring Duo

Using the Duo Mobile App

Managing Devices

International Travel

To verify a login while traveling internationally, you will need to generate passcodes. This can be done using your Duo Mobile app or by purchasing a hardware token from the Bobcat Depot. For more information, see the Duo Travel Guide (PDF).