Ohio University

Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor authentication protects your login from lost or stolen passwords by adding a verification step to your OHIO login. Depending on your role at the university and the systems or data you have access to, you may be asked to use multi-factor authentication when signing into those systems.



  • Verifies your login via mobile app, passcode, or automated phone call.
  • "Remember me for 30 days" option for frequently used browsers and devices.
  • Manage your devices from the login page for any multi-factor enabled service.
  • Option to enable multi-factor for all services that use the standard OHIO login page.
  • Because a successful multi-factor login requires both a correct password and access to a specific mobile device or telephone, it makes it much harder for a cyber attacker to use a lost or stolen password to access your account.

Duo Mobile App

  • The preferred way to verify your logins.
  • Free for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
  • Push verification works on wi-fi or cellular networks. Uses very little data (less than 2k per push).
  • Passcodes can be generated even when offline. Generating a passcode uses no data.
  • Minimal battery usage and app size (less than 10 MB).

Hardware Token

  • Keychain-sized device for generating passcodes.
  • Convenient option if you do not have a mobile device.
  • Available for purchase from the Bobcat Depot.

Automated Phone Calls/Texts

  • Fallback way to verify logins if your phone/tablet does not support the Duo Mobile app.
  • The university is billed for each automated call or text message. If you must use this method, please check "Remember me for 30 days" and limit your usage to 5 calls/messages per month. 


  • Faculty, staff, emeriti, and students.

How to Request

  • FACULTY AND STAFF: Multi-factor authentication is required for most core University online services, including My Personal Information. The first time you try to log into a protected service, the login page will step you through enrolling in multi-factor authentication.
  • STUDENT EMPLOYEES: Contact the IT Service Desk to enable multi-factor authentication for student employees who need access to protected services.
  • BSO STUDENTS: You can opt into using multi-factor authentication for My OHIO Student Center and Office 365 by following the directions on the multi-factor enrollment page.
  • ALL OTHER STUDENTS: You will be notified when your opt in period begins.