Helping Students

Registering Clickers on Blackboard

Students will need to register their ResponseCard device using Blackboard.  The student training materials below include instructions for registering devices with the Turning Technologies Registration Tool in Blackboard:

Teach Students to Use Clickers - PDF

Teach Students to Use Clickers - PPT


Training students to use clickers

Does my clicker work?

One drawback to clickers is knowing they're working. Sometimes the batteries will expire. Sometimes clickers are damaged in book bags. Sometimes the channel simply needs to be reset. It's a good policy to verify that the clickers work each day before class. Use the method described in the file below: 

Teach students how to test their clickers (PDF)

Teach students how to test their clickers (Word document)

Note: Another way to test clickers is to add a response grid to each question you ask during the lecture. The grid shows whose clicker answer was accepted. However, a response grid takes up space on your PowerPoint slide, especially if you teach a large class of 100 students or more. You could use a rotating response grid; however, the grid cycles through the student roster in sets of 20 and students have to wait for their names to show up before it goes to the next page. It's easy to miss.

This handout explains how to use and to care for clickers. Teach students how to use clickers (PDF document)