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Celebrating the Bicentennial
Online Exclusives

In the "Online exclusives" section of Ohio Today Online, we bring you stories about campus and alumni events, developments and people you won't find in the magazine.

Something to sing about
Alumna receives degree 60 years later.

Uniting marriage and memories
A second generation weds at Helen Mauck Galbreath Memorial Chapel.

Letters from Sara (updated 11/12/03)
Read the latest from former Ohio Today writer Sara Schonhardt, BSJ '03, as she tells us about her experiences as an intern at the Thailand bureau of Asia Times Online.

An insider's take on "Seabiscuit"
How an Ohio University alum made the silver screen.

Remembering JFK (updated 11/14/03)
Nov. 22 marks the 40th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Remember the event through the eyes of a fellow alumnus -- Thomas Atkins, BFA '56, a White House cinematographer who was in the motorcade that day.

How do you measure up?
Read about new body composition technology being used by University researchers, and learn how to evaluate your own health.

Be a mentor, find a mentor
Well-placed alumni can open doors for students. Find out how you can build connections.

100 years of flight
In this centennial anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight, find out how alumni and the University are taking part in the celebrations.

Alumnus Martin Savidge shares his work, family and personal side with Ohio University
When people ask what he does, CNN anchor and reporter Martin Savidge, BSJ '81, tells them: "I'm a journalist by trade, but I am a human being by profession, which means I'm the journalist second." He encouraged Ohio University's Class of 2003 to succeed in that primary profession as well.

Lobby for a graduate held in China (Updated: 3/19/04)
Photojournalist Jae-Hyun Seok, MA '96, has been imprisoned in China since January, when he was arrested while photographing North Korean refugees attempting to flee the country. Find out how you can assist his supporters, who are lobbying for his release and defending journalists' rights.

Writing Epitaphs
How a professor helped a nontraditional student etch out a lifelong dream during trying times.

'What's an album?'
A look at life through the eyes of today's freshman.

Photo Gallery
Glimpses of scenery and seasons at the beautiful campus you remember from your days as a student.

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