University faculty member helps make news in former Soviet republic

An Ohio University professor of telecommunications returned to Athens in mid-December after helping make news in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia f or nearly a year and a half.

David Mould worked with journalists in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Photo: Rick Fatica

David Mould, PHD '89, a former British journalist and an OU faculty member since 1980, worked with journalists at television and radio stations and an English-language newspaper. He also taught journalism and mas s communication at Kyrgyz State National University in the capital of Bishkek and at nearby Slavonic University.

Mould was in Kyrgyzstan on a Fulbright Lecturing Award originally granted for one year and then extended by four months. Besides teaching a new generation of journalists, Mould volunteered his time with TV and radio stations in Bishkek and other cities, training journalists and advising on the content and presentation of newscasts. He also worked with groups of journalists campaigning to reform media laws and the decriminalization of libel.

Kyrgyzstan became politically independent of the Soviets in 1991. Because of the rigidity of the Soviet system, in which all news was government regulated and spoon-fed to journalists by Moscow officials, changing the approach to news coverage and securing economic and advertising support has been difficult, Mould said.

"We're looking at a part of the world where the whole society is in transition," Mould said. "Certainly from the p erspective of a number of people, the development of media and laws to protect the press is crucial to the development of a democratic society."

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