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1. True or false: Bobcats -- the animals, not the people -- run at top speeds of 20 mph.

2. What is the largest employer of students on campus?

3. Who was the first dean of the College of Fine Arts?

4. What caused the Athens campus to more than double in size in 1988?

5. How many pieces of mail does the University process each year?

6. To whom was a special issue of the alumni magazine dedicated in 1934?

7. When did Ohio University change from a semester system to a quarter system?

8. What University team requires you to be able to do a toe-touch, switch split leap and double turn?

9. Where would you find "snooze rooms" at Ohio University?

10. What is the University's newest varsity sport?

'Cat Facts answers1. False. Although they usually walk, bobcats can reach speeds of up to 30 mph. 2. Ohio University Dining Services employs more than 800 student workers at an average rate of $6 per hour. 3. Earl Covert Seigfred, who held the position for 25 years and for whom Seigfred Hall is named. 4. The state of Ohio's transfer of the former state mental hospital site, now called The Ridges, to the University. 5. 5.7 million. 6. Elmer Burritt Bryan, the University's 11th president, who passed away that year. 7. 1966. 8. The Ohio Dance Team, which performs on the sidelines at all home football games and at courtside, halftime and postgame for men's home basketball games. 9. In Snyder Terminal at the University's Gordon K. Bush Regional Airport, pilots use the snooze rooms to rest between flights. 10. Women's lacrosse, added in 1999. For the latest on the team, visit

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