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The Wright path (Posted 6/18/2003)
Ohio University alumnus Nick Engler III, BFA '73, has been creating replicas of the Wright brothers' first flights since 1998. As the nation this year celebrates the 100th anniversary of powered flight, read about Engler's efforts to tell the Wrights' story.

Being human (Posted 6/17/2003)
When people ask what he does, CNN anchor and reporter Martin Savidge, BSJ '81, tells them: "I'm a journalist by trade, but I am a human being by profession, which means I'm the journalist second." He encouraged Ohio University's Class of 2003 to succeed in that primary profession as well.

Lobby for a graduate held in China (Updated 3/19/04)
Photojournalist Jae-Hyun Seok, MA '96, has been imprisoned in China since January, when he was arrested while photographing North Korean refugees attempting to flee the country. Find out how you can assist his supporters, who are lobbying for his release and defending journalists' rights.

Writing Epitaphs
How a professor helped a nontraditional student etch out a lifelong dream during trying times.

'What's an album?'
A look at life through the eyes of today's freshman.

Photo Gallery
Glimpses of scenery and seasons at the beautiful campus you remember from your days as a student.

Across the College Green
Telling moments in history
Listen in as Al Adams, BSJ '59, thought to be the first African-American to earn an Ohio University journalism degree, describes hearing Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech in person.

All in the family
Family weekends bring a taste of home to students at Ohio University. Read senior Jamie Heberling's thoughts on sharing Dads Weekend traditions with her father and sister, and catch a video of them enjoying the weekend.

The next chapter (Posted 7/24/2003)
Greek organizations on campus have inducted three new members into their Hall of Fame. Read about the honorees and the status of Greek life at Ohio University.

A higher education
To prepare for tomorrow's demanding world, today's classroom is casting aside convention.

They're well-connected
Hollywood director Betty Thomas, BFA '69, is a role model and benefactor for today's students. Watch a video interview from her fall visit to campus.

He's a lifesaver
Watch and listen as 2003 Russ Prize Willem Kolff, known as the "Father of Artificial Organs," explains the wearable artificial lung.

Fancy feat
Joan Herrold Wood, BSJ '52, travels around the country winning top honors in ballroom dance competitions - and she's 72 years old. Read her story and find out how you, too, can stay active during your retirement.

From career to class
Kimberly King, BSC '87, left radio broadcasting at the height of her career to obtain another degree from Ohio University. Here is some information to help you decide whether continuing your own education as King did -- or through such means as distance learning -- is right for you.

In Memoriam
A friend remembers Harry Crewson
University archivist Bill Kimok elaborates on interviews he conducted in 1997 and 1998 with the University's 17th president, who died in January. In an audio clip from those discussions, Harry Crewson describes how his study of Eastern religions during his undergraduate years at the College of Wooster (Ohio) influenced his lifelong philosophies on interacting with people.

Remembering fellow alumni
More details on information in the print edition

In the fall Ohio Today arriving in your mailbox this September, you'll learn the latest about the bicentennial celebration, take a peek in the Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections and hear where graduates of our Sports Administration program have taken their careers.

A commemorative edition of Ohio Today marking the bicentennial is planned for January. The keepsake issue will highlight the University's past, present and future with memories of alumni, insights from faculty and a special look at students.

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