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Faculty members make for great memories

Seabury Quinn

Sharing the passion

I can't hear the song "The Mighty Quinn" without thinking of (Professor Emeritus) Seabury Quinn Jr., my theater history professor. Going to his class was fun -- pure and simple fun. Yet I learned so much without ever knowing I was being taught.

Even though the class was held in the theater -- with him on stage -- you would have thought that you were sitting in his living room, talking with your best friend. His casual demeanor and droll sense of humor gave life to everything he said.

On the day Cambodia was invaded, a very serious Seabury stomped onto stage, read a poem which I don't remember, and with great passion and tears slammed the book down on the stool and stomped off the stage. We sat there speechless and then silently left. I knew then that if I did nothing else in life, I would live my life with passion. I have been an elementary school teacher for 19 years, all with at-risk students. It has been my passion and compassion that leads me to do the best for my students. Thank you, Seabury Quinn.

Isa Malesk Isaacs, BFA '71
Boyton Beach, Fla.