Ohio Today Online Spring 2002
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Faculty members make for great memories

Robin Lacy

Sharing his inspiration

In response to the fall issue 2001 call for stories about favorite professors, I would like to submit the name of Robin Lacy, retired professor from the School of Theater.

I entered the graduate program in Production Design and Technology in the School of Theater in the fall of 1983. I came with a bachelor's degree in home economics from OU and no real background in theater. Dr. Lacy was honest in his assessment that I would have to "work twice as hard to merely keep pace with my colleagues." And he was right, but he was also encouraging, enthusiastic and loved teaching. His greatest talent was in getting students to "think outside of the box."

I own a successful costume shop business with another MFA graduate from OU. We have designed costumes for amateur and professional stage productions all over the world and have won numerous design awards from the National Costumers Association.

We attribute much of this success to Dr. Lacy, who believed in our talents and taught us to hone our skills and to look all around us for design inspiration. He remains in our thoughts as one of the best and brightest memories of our days at Ohio University.

Kim Brown, BSHE '83, MFA '85
Pittsburgh, Pa.