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Rooted in Tradition
Stories by Melissa Rake and Alice Sachs

Family trees draw strength from Ohio University ties
Each family has its own traditions. For most, they revolve around births, weddings and holidays. But for some, the experience of coming of age at Ohio University reinforces the threads that bind generations to one another. 
These families are the university's historians, alumni who cherish college tradition and consider it a source of family strength, identity and pride. 
"Generations of graduates have found comfort here. They have formed incredible friendships," says Assistant Dean for Development- Student Affairs Richard P. Harrison Jr., BSJ '82, a campus administrator for 14 years. "So many leave with a commitment and loyalty that they want their children to experience. It weaves the fabric of tradition at this university.
On the pages that follow, you will meet five Ohio University families that have had ties to campus for up to four generations. Their experiences span more than 80 years - from post-World War I days to the Depression of the 1930s, through the turbulent 1960s and on to the brink of the 21st century.
Each family has its own traditions. For these, it's graduating from Ohio University.

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An A+ for Ingenuity 
by Melissa Rake 

Ohio University Instructor Terry Fultz created a unique kind of braille for her blind math students by assigning numbers and algebraic symbols to Lego pieces. It's this special language that helped one blind student interpret complex math problems and pass Algebra 113 so he could graduate in spring 1999.

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A Time to Teach 
Interview by Mary Alice Casey

Terry Anderson's days as a visiting professor of journalism at Ohio University are spent teaching, consulting with students and colleagues, and tending to phone calls, e-mails and other business. They are far different from the 2,454 days he spent as a captive of the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad in Southern Lebanon from 1985 to 1991.
Here are some excerpts of an interview Ohio Today Editor Mary Alice Casey conducted with Anderson in May 1999.

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In All Its Glory
Story by Andrea Caruso Gibson

Photos by Assistant Professor Gary Kirksey and his Advanced Photo Illustration class.

Memorial Auditorium debuts its new duds in this issue's Photo Story.

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