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Letters from Sara
A recent alumna's view from Thailand
Editor's note: Sara Schonhardt, BSJ '03, traveled to Hua Hin near Bangkok, Thailand, a few months after she graduated to begin an internship with Asia Times Online, an online news journal with correspondents all over the world. She compiles the Business in Brief section, copy edits articles and writes headlines and front-page summaries. A former student writer for Ohio Today, Sara graduated in June 2003. She's in Thailand on a John R. Wilhelm Foreign Correspondence internship, a program that has placed more than 180 Ohio University journalism majors in about 30 countries since the program began in 1970. Her adjustment to another culture is an experience she calls both frightening and exhilarating, and she's agreed to write us letters occasionally for Ohio Today Online. We're sure you'll find her adventuresome spirit refreshing. If you'd like to learn more after reading her letters here, visit As Sara says: Enjoy.

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