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We're Changing Things


An all-new approach to Ohio Today Online is in the works. It will include Web-exclusive stories about alumni, faculty and students; information that dovetails with the print magazine; some fun features such as trivia games and polls; and other items.

As we gear up for the improved site, which we hope to introduce in the coming months, we've decided to share a few extras tied to the fall 2002 print edition rather than duplicate it as we've done in the past.

First, we bring you a very personal look at the life of one of your fellow alumni, Martin Savidge, BSC '80 and BSJ '81, a foreign correspondent for CNN. In our fall print version, we gave you a snapshot of what his life is like. Here, you'll see a nearly hour-by-hour account of his experiences as the first TV journalist to cover Operation Anaconda, the initial U.S. military operation in Afghanistan following the Sept. 11 tragedy. He also tells us more about how he balances his career with life with his wife and two young children.

You'll also see changes in our In Memoriam section, where we're giving you more details than you'll find in our print edition.

Finally, we hope to bring a laugh to your day. In the fall issue, you read about Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College, the nation's only degree-granting tutorial college. Between demanding, one-on-one sessions and challenging classes, professors and students involved in the college find time to build great friendships and have fun. Here, you'll learn the lengths Professor of Theater William Condee went to for one of his former students.

One final note: We're very open to your suggestions for our online venture. Please send us an e-mail at or give us a call at (740) 593-1890 or (740) 593-1891 to let us know what you'd like to find at Ohio Today Online.


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