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Alyson Shupe
College of Business

Alyson Shupe

'I am poised to take any action'

Hometown: Medina, Ohio
College: College of Business
Major: Business Economics, Finance and Spanish

You've been selected as one of 10 students representing the best of Ohio University. What does this mean to you? 

It's an exciting honor and opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic group of students who are truly the promise of this university. It is on this campus -- through the courses I've taken, the friends I've made and all of the life-changing experiences I've had here -- that I became the disciplined, outgoing and well-rounded person that I am today. The promise of Ohio University lies not only in its students but also in the culture and the heart of this institution.

Is there a faculty member who inspired you? 

The person who has played an integral role in my development, both in and out of the classroom, is an alumnus of Ohio University -- Frank Zammataro. As director of the Ohio University Business Fellows, he sacrifices a lot to spend quality time with his students; the unique mentoring relationship we have developed over the past few years is incomparable. Through his wholehearted interest in student excellence and his dedicated pursuit of inspiring and motivating students to their highest potential, my time here could not have been a bigger success.

What other experiences have helped you learn, grow and discover? 

First, having been a member of the Ohio University Student Equity Management Group, and dedicating many hours and long nights to the pursuit of building a strong, smart equity portfolio for the university, has been truly rewarding. I have developed close personal relationships with my colleagues that are based in true mutual respect and understanding of one another's work ethic and knowledge skills.

Another experience is (my work as) the placement and external relations intern for the College of Business. Working hours equal to a regular course load on top of my classes, being given significant autonomy and independence in the work that I do, and having the pleasure of working with the college's alumni has shaped me the most into the outgoing, confident person I am today. It is through this position that I developed strong communication skills and think and learn very quickly. I am at my best when I work here.

Why did you choose to study at Ohio University?

I did receive the Copeland scholarship and was very excited about everything going on in the College of Business, but my initial reason for selecting OU was for my friends. I moved from Cincinnati to Cleveland just before my senior year in high school and very much wished to be back with my friends from Cincinnati. A number of them were planning to attend OU, and I made my choice based largely in that. However, this decision, which could have ended badly anywhere else, ended up being the best decision I ever made.

Finish these sentences:

I am most proud of ... bicycling across the state of Iowa with my dad.

Someday I hope to be ... a new-age, Renaissance woman! A Renaissance man has understanding of multiple disciplines, is a thinker, has a respect for and knows what he's interested in. Being a new-age, Renaissance woman means learning anything I want. That's why I have a triple major -- I can't get enough!

How do you define success?

Success is the ability to pursue, to succeed in just getting through the day, and still have a smile on your face. It is seeing positive outcome in hard work.

Describe what you have accomplished.  What was your drive and motivation?

There are so many little things that are important to success in life that I accomplish every day; things taken for granted and not seen as significant on their own. However, their significance is critical as the foundation of even bigger things. These daily accomplishments include just getting out of bed in the morning, helping a friend with a problem, learning how to cook, reading books (not assigned for class!), finding beauty in everyday life and being fascinated by the world.


These everyday accomplishments have lent to bigger and more recognizable achievements, such as studying abroad in Spain for a quarter, presenting equity research to the Ohio University Student Equity Management Group that has been selected for the portfolio, putting on successful alumni and networking events, excelling in the classroom and obtaining a full-time job at JPMorgan Private Bank in New York City starting in July. My drive is understanding the importance of the little things one does and the seemingly insignificant relationships one makes all the time -- they add up to make you a person of worth and of action.

How do you see yourself?  How do you see yourself in your future?

Right now, I see myself as someone with the whole world in front of her. I am poised to take any action I so choose to become the person I want to be and have the life that makes me most happy. I have the confidence and the skills necessary to take risks, discover new and unfamiliar things, and learn constantly. Hopefully the position where I am now does not change significantly over the years. Who I am now is what motivates me to learn more about life and other people, keeps me on my toes and makes me an individual of potential soon-to-be-realized. The only changes I'd like to make are getting married and having a family, and finding a professional career that I truly love and at which I excel.

What sustains you to keep focused on your goal?

My curiosity about the world and keen interest in my future are what keep me focused on the goal of being a person of worth and a motivator of change and understanding. 

What intrigues you?

The Spanish culture. I want to learn about many different cultures and people. It makes you a better person when you can understand other people -- especially when you don't know anyone, you are forced to learn quickly. It makes life more exciting. Learning is immersion -- there is no other way you can do it.

Describe your talents.

I am disciplined. I understand the importance of getting things done, and I have interest in getting those things done because I realize the outcome of results. ... I get ahead and stand out by enjoying other people. I love to build relationships with them. My ability to connect with people is another talent. I really truly enjoy getting to know people, interacting with them and learning about them. People realize they are with someone with whom they can feel comfortable. You can tell when someone really has an interest in who you are.

Interview by Jenaye Antonuccio, BA '95. Photo by Travis Dove, MA '09.


Posted 05-16-08


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