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Promising futures
Ohio Today recognizes 10 graduates to watch

This is the time of the year to celebrate a promise fulfilled -- Commencement.

Cover image of Ohio Today's spring issue.In marking the significance of this occasion, most often a prominent and accomplished professional is sought to address the graduating class of emerging scholars. The speaker is asked to deliver a message that conveys just the right amount of wisdom and grace to match the fullness of the moment.

Where does one turn for worthy inspiration to achieve such a task?

We found a rich assortment of dreamers and heroes, philosophers and poets, and sage scholars among Ohio University's soon-to-be graduates. Each one you'll meet -- like the 4,000 others they join -- is brimming with potential, poised for greatness.

Keep your eye on them. We think someday soon others will be seeking their wisdom and grace, too.

The 2008 graduates recognized in Ohio Today are:

Bob Arnold, College of Arts and Sciences

Jennifer Climer, College of Fine Arts

Sam Eliason, College of Engineering and Technology

Amanda McConnell, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Morgan Riles, Honors Tutorial College

Carla Saavedra Santiago, College of Communication

Alyson Shupe, College of Business

Aki Tanaka, University College

Terrez Thomas, College of Education

Jeremy Wachenschwanz, College of Health and Human Services

We'd also like to recognize the three outstanding photographers who took their portraits:

Matt Eich, BA '08

Kainaz Amaria, MA '08

Travis Dove, MA '09


(You can follow these links to the photographers' individual portfolio sites.)

Posted 05-16-08


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