I might have plundered / thunder / from a tick’s back

I might have swigged / existence / from a tulip’s bell

Christian Wiman, "Given a God More Playful" from Issue 7

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Thylias Moss

Thylias Moss, a professor at the University of Michigan, is the mother of Limited Fork Poetics: the study of interacting language systems, a literary theory born in October 2004 at the Quality 16 cinema in Ann Arbor. She is the winner of Poetry's 2006 Frederick Bock Prize for "The Subculture of Wrongfully Accused," a poam also part of her new collection of poams (products of acts of making), Tokyo Butter, her first book entirely conceived and executed under the influence of a Limited Fork.


Pampering of Leora

You can download here the sonic version of The Pampering of Leora, which appeared in NOR 1. The music was composed and performed by Jeremy Daly, as part of his project for Adventures in Vibration Studies. Thylias Moss recorded six vocal tracks which were then incorporated into a modified version of Daly's Taste.