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New Ohio Review submissions periods are September 15th to December 15th and January 15th to April 15th.

NOR 20 is HERE, featuring all the fiction/nonfiction/poetry/fictional politico features you ever dreamed of.

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  • Julie Henson’s “Sisters Peeling” and Tamie Parker Song’s “Manhandled" were listed as Notable Essays in Best American Essays 2016. That’s every essay that was published in NOR 18!

  • To this year's 2016 Contest Winners: Michael Pearce, Leslie Rodd, and Gail Griffin

  • Miles Harvey's "At the Grave of Sadie Thorpe" received a Notable Essays citation in Best American Essays 2015. Find his nonfiction essay in NOR 15.

  • Jackie Craven was recently selected by Kate Bernheimer as the Omnidawn 2014 Fabulist Fiction Prize Winner! Craven's poetry can be found in NOR 18.

  • Judy Rowe Michaels, whose poem "Harping" from NOR 17, was just featured on Verse Daily.

  • Sherman Alexie has selected Bethany Schultz Hurst's "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Issues 1-12" from NOR 16 for inclusion in the upcoming Best American Poetry edition.

  • T.C. Boyle has selected Kevin Canty's "Happy Endings" from NOR 15 for the Best American Short Stories upcoming edition.

  • Lloyd Schwartz's "In Flight" from NOR 17 was recently featured on Poetry Daily.

  • Lawrence Raab, whose feature essay "Should Poems Tell the Truth?" from issue #16 was recently featured on the Poetry Daily website.

  • John Bargowski, whose poem "Activity Room" from issue #16 was also featured on the Poetry Daily website.

So I'm learning to squeeze a little discipline
From the porous emotions, though they're prone to go berserk,
Like weasels on a trapeze.

Elton Glaser, “Aftermath in Brine” from Issue 15

Congratulations 2016 Contest Winners

Fiction Prize, selected by Charles Johnson

"Audition," by Leslie Rodd

Nonfiction Prize, selected by Charles Johnson

"A Creature, Stirring," by Gail Griffin

Poetry Prize, selected by Tony Hoagland

"Henry's Horses," "The Pale Man," and "The Boy on the Ridge" by Michael Pearce

Featured NOR Audio

Joseph Scapellato

Cecilia Pinto

James Davis May

William Lychack