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New Ohio Review submissions will be closed until September 15th.

Congratulations to:

Sherman Alexie has selected Bethany Schultz Hurst's "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Issues 1-12" in issue #16 for inclusion in the upcoming Best American Poetry edition.

T.C. Boyle has selected Kevin Canty's "Happy Endings" in issue #15 for the Best American Short Stories upcoming edition.

Lloyd Schwartz's "In Flight" in issue #17 was recently featured on Poetry Daily.

Lawrence Raab, whose feature essay "Should Poems Tell the Truth?" from issue #16 was recently featured on the Poetry Daily website.

John Bargowski, whose poem "Activity Room" from issue #16 was also featured on the Poetry Daily website.

Charles Haverty, who has won the 2015 John Simmons Short Fiction Award (judged by Karen Russell) for his collection Excommunicados, which will be published in the fall of 2015 by the University of Iowa Press. The collection will include “A Toast in Cancun,” which was first published in issue #15.


So I'm learning to squeeze a little discipline
From the porous emotions, though they're prone to go berserk,
Like weasels on a trapeze.

Elton Glaser, “Aftermath in Brine” from Issue 15

Congratulations 2015 Contest Winners

Fiction Prizes, selected by Maud Casey

1st - Suzanne McConnell
2nd - Susan Finch

Poetry Prizes, selected by Robert Pinsky

1st - Keith Kopka
2nd - Christopher Kempf

Featured NOR Audio

Joseph Scapellato

Cecilia Pinto

James Davis May

William Lychack