Claire Bateman
/ Audio Unearthing the Sky
/ Intellectual Property
/ April 1: Dropping & Carrying

Blake Butler
/ The Disappeared

Steven Coughlin
/ The History of Longing

Mark Cox
/ Dunes

Eric Freeze
/ Wrong Time for Caution

Dobby Gibson
/ What It Feels Like to Be This Tall
/ Why I’m Afraid of Heaven

Johannes Göransson & Joyelle McSweeney
/ Manifesto of the Disabled Text

Arielle Greenberg & Rachel Zucker
/ From Home/Birth, a lyric essay

David Gullette
/ Election Day

Tony Hoagland
/ Blonde
/ Playboy

Marc Elihu Hofstadter
/ Growth

Rodney Jones
/ 104
/ Feelings, by Ashley Higgins

Philip Kobylarz
/ From Nearest Istanbul

Kelly Luce
/ Postcards

Carole Maso
/ Incinerated with a Rose

K. Silem Mohammad
/ From Sonnagrams

Jonathan Monroe
/ From Demosthenes's Legacy (II)

Mark Nowak & Ian Teh
/ From Coal Mountain Elementary

Emily Pérez
/ In which I first discovered

Elizabeth Powell
/ The Bad Wife

Jed Rasula & Brent Hayes Edwards
/ The Ear of the Behearer: A Conversation in Jazz

Bill Rector
/ Elegy

Ariana Reines
/ From A Hundred Preambles

Andrew Michael Roberts
/ Nothing Stays Buried, Hector Flores
/ There Was a War

Catie Rosemurgy
/ Miss Peach Considers #8: Reproduce
/ Miss Peach Considers the Human Condition

Natania Rosenfeld
/ He and I
/ Hampstead Heath: A Sketch

Paul Stephens & Robert Weston
/ From The Autochronotistics Epicycle

Cole Swensen
/ It Was When
/ In Waves

Brian Teare
/ Susurrus Stanzas (Sutro Baths)

Jerry Williams
/ Truce

Mixed metaphors became him. He betrayed his own words. His conceit was as sharp as the drop of his jibe, cut of his jive, shape of his forebears, mirror effect of chance asides.

-Jonathan Monroe,
"Demosthenes's Brother" from Issue 3