Gems of the 21st

Adrienne Su
 Art is Long, Planets Short: The Lasting Power of Carol Ann Duffy's "The Woman in the Moon"

Emily Mohn-Slate
 "Gender's Tidy Little Story": On Stacey Waite's "The Kind of Man I Am at the DMV"

Anders Carlson-Wee
 What Essy Stone Done to Us

Tony Hoagland
 Speculative Solutions to the Political Poem: Ann Killough's "Statue of Liberty"

Chiyuma Elliott
 "Your Body Everywhere": Time and Forgiveness in Carl Phillips's "Since You Ask"

Keith Kopka
 "Arch-Talk" and the Postmodern Gall of Josh Bell and Mark Bibbins

Veronica Schuder
 Stumbling into the Sublime: Claire Bateman's "Another Poem on Blue"

Mario Chard
 The Present Deeply: The 21st-Century Love Poem

The fire swayed and dodged the men.
When they smacked at the fire, it jumped.

Michael Chitwood, "The Elements Will Have Their Way" from Issue 8

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Spring #23

Feature: Gems of the 21st


Karin Lin-Greenberg
Roland Racoon

Eliot Fintushel
Wings of Wind

Marti Boone Mattia
No Moon Night

Maureen McGranaghan
The Blue Goodness

Rebecca Haas

Kaj Tanaka
No One Dies in Fiction Anymore   

Bryan Fulton


Patrick Mainelli
Of a Burrito de Buche

Jacqueline Doyle
Haunting Houses

Jennier Watkins
This Is How It Will Feel


Sandy Gingras
Midnight at the Anaconda Wire and Cable Company

Jerry Williams
Los Angeles, 1990

Laura Paul Watson
May My Enemy Be Overcome By His Own Glitter

Connie Zumpf
Google Map Strangers I Think I know

Mari Casey
Dancing Horses are Becoming More Beautiful and More Useful Every Day

Jacqueline Berger
Not the Wolf but the Dog

Lara Egger
Another Version of My Confession 

Wes Civilz
Day Residue in Winter

Danusha Lameris

Grant Clauser
The Problem

Patrick Meeds
Here's the Plan 

Kerry James Evans
My Younger Self Attempts Breakdancing at the Sadie Hawkins Dance

Matthew Buckley Smith
Creed for Atheists

Lisa Ampleman
The Spiritual Excercises

Melissa Studdard
The Jesus Bus


POETRY (continued)

Jacqueline Osherow
Fez Postcard / Call to Prayer

Jeff Tigchelaar
Blessed Is He
This Is a .50-Caliber Wound

Richard Dey
Reverse Sculpture

Daniel Eduardo Ruiz
Free Will

Laurie Rosenblatt
Arrangement in Gray and Black

Elton Glaser
Ye Are of More Value than Many Sparrows

Billy Collins
April 21st
The Card Players

Claire Scott
Made-up Saints

Matthew Luzitano
Aubade with Looney Tunes

William Fargason

Gregory Djanikian
Loose Ends

James Lineberger
Judgment Call

Amy O'Reilly
In the Gas Station Bathroom With My New Son







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