I can burn the pictures, but not the poems
since I published them in books, which are on shelves
in libraries and in people’s homes.

Denise Duhamel, “Old Love Poems” from Issue 11

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Featured Artist - Luiz Santos

Luiz Santos, in order to escape a career in IT, attended Ohio University’s School of Visual Communications between 2006 and 2008 in search of a creative life. Luckily, in addition to finding the stimulating work he was missing, he was also able to meet his future fiancé Elena at OU and things couldn’t have worked out better. In his photography, Luiz strives to capture the beauty of unpredictability in the 100% controlled environment of the studio. Luiz currently works and resides in New York City as a photo retoucher.


Luiz Santos
"The Magician" 2007

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