Wendy Minor was Lead Artist at Passion Works Studio from 1999 up until her second child was born in 2010. Her warmth, talent and insight combine to instill confidence in artists with disabilities, and her open-ended approach to the arts provides a welcoming environment where new artists comfortably find encouragement to develop their own unique style. She studied painting and sculpture at The Ohio State University and The Columbus College of Art and Design. In 1993, she co-founded Standing Stone, a collaborative arts community in Amesville, Ohio. Minor Viny is an artist-in-residence with the Ohio Arts Councilís Arts in Education program where she teaches found-object sculpture in public and private schools. She exhibits in both collaborative and solo settings, most recently showing at Paper Circle Gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio in 2010. She has been recognized for her own work as well as her work with Passion Works Studio on radio (NPR) and television (PBS).

Wendy Minor, Catalina Mayanz, Lenka Guisande and Carly Holland

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