Laura Larson From the series My Dark Places (1999)

A forensic gaze leads the viewer through the crimes scenes of My Dark Places . Staged in domestic settings, these tiny views were created by Frances Lee, a miniaturist and crime buff from New Hampshire, in the 1940s. She later donated these models to the Forensic Medicine Center in Baltimore, Maryland, where they are now on display. By interpreting the evidence on display, the viewer becomes the detective, reconstructing the events that led up to the crime. Solving the crime, however, doesn't diminish the threat that these scenes pose. If the dollhouse functions as a screen for contemporary fantasies about domesticity, My Dark Places entertains our worst fears: There is no security, even at home.

Laura Larson is an artist who lives and works in Athens, Ohio, where she is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Ohio University. Her work addresses the relationship between domesticity and desire and has most recently turned towards the subject of spirit photography. She is currently at work on “Electric Girls and the Invisible World,” a film about the nineteenth-century medium Eusapia Palladin.

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James questions his spontaneity. He knows only that he wanted to bring her home and take care of her. He doesn't know what to do with her. He hands her a dried apricot. She stops spinning.

-Jennifer Bryan,
"Sock Monkey" from Issue 1