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First DESI results provide precise measurements of our universe’s rate of expansion, shedding light on the nature of dark energy

April 4, 2024 An international team co-led by Ohio University Physics Professor Hee-Jong Seo traces ripples from relic cosmic sound over 11 billion years of cosmic history with unprecedented precision.

Scientists report world’s first X-ray of a single atom in Nature

May 31, 2023 A team of scientists from Ohio University, Argonne National Laboratory, and others, led by OHIO professor Saw Wai Hla, have taken the world’s first X-ray SIGNAL of just one atom.

Ohio University and Dilley family unite to make higher education more accessible for West Virginia students

May 3, 2023 An Ohio University education will be more affordable for select students from West Virginia thanks to a new scholarship fund created by a family with multigenerational ties to OHIO. The Dilley Family Scholarship for West Virginia was established with funding from the Dilley family combined with The OHIO MatchTM funds to create a $1 million endowment.

University community mourns Physics Professor Emeritus Louis Wright

March 13, 2023 The Ohio University community mourns the passing of Physics Professor Emeritus Louis Wright, instrumental in building OHIO's Physics and Astronomy Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ohio University simulations on PSC supercomputer transform coal-like material to amorphous graphite and nanotubes

January 6, 2023 An OHIO physics team used the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center to simulate how coal might eventually be converted to valuable — and carbon-neutral — materials like graphite and carbon nanotubes.

Physics and Astronomy Open House has packed line-up Nov. 9

October 31, 2019 On Nov. 9, the Physics & Astronomy Department turns Clippinger Laboratories into an interactive science museum where visitors enjoy hallway challenges, physics demonstrations, talks and more.

OHIO professor Saw-Wai Hla develops robust molecular propeller that enables unidirectional rotations

August 20, 2019 In nature, molecule propellers are vital in many biological applications ranging from the swimming bacteria to intracellular transport.

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