Alumnus Ben Holt starts his next adventure as VP for Innovation at AgBiome

April 25, 2023 Ben Holt, who didn't have his career path mapped out when he arrived at Ohio University, was recently named vice president for innovation at AgBiome and continues to defy gravity in his career path.

Alumnus Pete Stoy finds President Ping's 'truth and meaning' in healthcare executive leadership

February 2, 2023 Alumnus Pete Stoy came to Ohio University thinking he was preparing for law school. Instead, he turned his philosophy degree into a career in health-care executive leadership,.

Alumnus Eric Gorscak's 'inner kid' loves his career discovering deep-time dinosaurs and ecosystems

January 9, 2023 Professor Nancy Stevens substitute teaching in Eric Gorscak's undergraduate paleontology class might have been serendipity, but Gorscak didn't leave anything to chance.

Alumnus Jon Snyder helped make patients' lives better through medical devices, therapies

December 21, 2022 When Jon Snyder was a communications major at OHIO, the closest he came to the field of health care was a marketing and communications internship with the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Alumna Kelly McCall veered into a research career fighting autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

December 21, 2022 Kelly McCall thought she was headed to dentistry school. But as graduation loomed, she changed her major to biological sciences and found herself on a very different health-care related path.

Alumna Amanda Epp helps patients get their medications, no matter where they live

December 21, 2022 Alumna Amanda Epp drove full speed into her career path her junior year at Ohio University, where a year-long internship sparked her entrepreneurial and compassionate spirit.

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