Ohio University has been featured in many news reports in the print and broadcast state and national news media during the last month. This report includes a sampling of media placements received between January 24, 1999, and February 24, 1999, excluding local media and coverage of athletic events.

Ohio News

"Long runway could lift Appalachian economy" is the headline of a story in the Jan. 24 issue of the Columbus Dispatch that quotes Ohio University officials on plans to expand the university airport. The expansion will allow larger aircraft to land and could assist in boosting economic development.

"OU center builds on small successes" is the headline on a story outlining plans for the George V. Voinovich Center for Leadership and Public Affairs in the Jan. 29 issue of the Dispatch . The center's director, Mark Weinberg, hopes the center will emulate the John F. Kennedy School for Government at Harvard.

The Dispatch on Feb. 3 reported on the ongoing dispute between Athens City Council, which has passed legislation banning indoor furniture placed on porches, and students planning to overturn the issue with a referendum.

"Fund Ohio's schools; no gimmicks" was the headline on an op-ed by Guido Stempel, an Ohio University distinguished professor emeritus in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, in the Dispatch Feb. 4.

"OU trustees to vote on development plan" was the headline Feb. 12 for a story in the Dispatch on the university's plan to allow a developer to develop 45 acres, including the old airport on East State Street. The land is adjacent to the Kroger store. A Feb. 13 story gave additional details.

An op-ed by President Robert Glidden on the benefits of educating foreign students ran in the Dispatch Feb. 19. Glidden says international students contribute to the Ohio economy and help foster foreign trade.

-- National (Including Ohio) --

"Dissecting a Dinosaur" is the headline of a Feb. 2 New York Times story that featured Lawrence Witmer, associate professor of anatomy. Witmer disagreed with a new finding based on an Italian fossil that indicates dinosaurs evolved from reptiles. Witmer theorizes dinosaurs evolved from birds. The San Jose Mercury News and other subscribers to the Times News Service also carried the story.

USA Weekend gave readers an update on Terry Anderson, former AP newsman held captive in Lebanon for six years who is now teaching journalism at Ohio University, in its Feb. 26 edition. The nationally distributed magazine says Anderson is "content living near the Appalachians with wife Madeline, daughter Sulome, 13 (born while he was captive), and horses, even if he did require plastic surgery after one kicked him in the face."

"Clicking Your Way to an MBA" was the headline of a story in the March issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine that included Ohio University's MBA Without Boundaries World Wide Web-based course for executives.

The National Science Teachers Association newsletter highlighted the research of Stephen Reilly, associate professor of biology, who studied alligator locomotion. Reilly filmed alligators running on a treadmill to examine movement of the reptile's joints and limbs as they walked. Reilly speculates alligators once walked upright and moved to semi-erect locomotion.

Professor of Hearing and Speech Donald Fucci was interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corp. Feb. 26 on his research that found older people are more sensitive to rock music than teenagers. World Radio , a new public radio service for foreign countries, also interviewed Fucci.

World Radio interviewed Dorothy Sack, associate professor of geography, was interviewed Feb. 22 for a story on students' attitudes towards geography. She was also interviewed by KCSN radio, Northridge, Calif.

In the News Archives

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