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Published: July 23, 2019 Author: University Communications and Marketing


At Ohio University, we embrace that we have a collective responsibility to create the opportunity for people with disabilities to have an accessible and inclusive experience whether a student, employee, visitor, or community member.

There are many simple ways we can all contribute to the development and maintenance of an accessible and inclusive environment. "Accessible OHIO: It’s What We Do" highlights a series of actions that any of us may take – no expertise required! 

QUESTION: During construction projects on campus, what do I do if I notice ramps or pathways are inaccessible?

Summer is busy with new construction and renovation projects. When a pathway or ramp is blocked, it becomes an accessibility barrier that may impact access for a person living with a disability. One way you can help keep the campus more accessible is to report when there isn’t a clear accessible pathway for people to navigate around construction projects.

For the Athens campus: 


For a Regional Campus: 

  • Contact the Regional Campus Facilities Department  
  • Complete the Office for University Accessibility’s Report an Accessibility Barrier form to provide the details, including the work order number. OUA can assess progress of the repair and review the issue to see if any interim measures or adaptations need to be put in place.  


In the City of Athens: 


If you are unsure whether it is a campus or City barrier: 


Creating a more Accessible OHIO: It’s What We Do. 

For more information, contact the Office for University Accessibility at 740-593-2620 or https://www.ohio.edu/accessibility