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Published: October 22, 2018 Author: Emily Baxstrom

Ohio University is gaining even more national recognition—this time for its efforts to seek out and test new ideas for teaching and learning. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s 2018 Innovators special issue highlights OHIO as one of six institutions that encourage innovation in teaching, focusing specifically on the Academic Innovation Accelerator (AIA).

The issue aims to personify trends in higher education and reflect broader conversations in the academic world. In the article, Brad Cohen, senior vice provost for instructional innovation, explains how the AIA has encouraged conversations and transformative ideas at the University. “One of the goals of the AIA is to reignite a passion for academic innovation and instill optimism that the University will actively support the pursuit of innovative ideas,” said Cohen. “The AIA has enabled a greater reach and impact as we work together to advance OHIO’s mission in creative new ways.”

The AIA starts off with an annual Ideation Event, which will take place on November 2. Faculty and staff across the University are encouraged to gather and brainstorm their ideas with peers and experts in order to create a proposal to receive formal support from the AIA, be that via staff, funding or other avenues. Registrations to attend the 2018 event are due October 24.

“I have been thrilled with the level of excitement and engagement everyone has brought to the table throughout the past iterations,” said Cohen. “I’m really looking forward to seeing the proposals that emerge from this year’s Ideation Event.”

The Office of Instructional Innovation (OII) serves as a catalyst to spark bold experimentation and sustainable discovery of innovative instructional models that fulfill the University’s promise of a transformative educational experience. OII provides a variety of services to faculty, staff, and students in support of academic units and online programs, as well as to advance initiatives to further the institution’s mission. Visit www.ohio.edu/instructional-innovation for more information.