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Facilities Management and Safety recognizes April Employees of the Month

Facilities Management and Safety recognizes April Employees of the Month
Published: May 3, 2019 Author: George E. Mauzy Jr.

Ohio University Facilities Management and Safety (FMS) has announced the April 2019 awardees of its new Employee of the Month program, which recognizes exceptional performance by Facilities employees. This month’s winners are:

Tammy Bump – (she received 9 nominations!) – Custodial / Bargaining Unit EOTM

Daniel Dillaha – Heating Plant / Bargaining Unit EOTM

Kimberly Giffin – Work Center / Classified EOTM

Pamela Wolf – Custodial / Bargaining Unit EOTM

Bump, a custodial worker in Alden Library who received an impressive nine nominations, was presented with the Bargaining Unit Employee of the Month Award for a custodial services worker. Her nine nominators wrote:

Karmen Beecroft – “Tammy really goes above and beyond keeping the third floor clean and comfortable… The challenges to maintaining order in this area are multitudinous as it sees heavy use by students, but she always rises to the challenge.”

Kelly Broughton – “She works very, very hard. She goes above and beyond in making Alden Library look fabulous and she knows what she is doing. I want all of the students using our space to know how much she cares about it and for it. Absolutely the best custodian I have seen in 10 years.”

Laura Burns – “She is very cordial and friendly. No nonsense, gets the job done. You tell her about a problem and she’s on it right away. It’s taken care of before you can blink.”

Janet Hulm – “Tammy demonstrates an enormous amount of respect, dedication and care in everything she does. She clearly understands her excellent work makes a significant difference in how our students, staff and faculty experience the library. We are fortunate to have someone who cares deeply about that.”

Michele Jennings – “Tammy is friendly and open and it’s always a pleasure to run into her to chat. She’s considerate of the ways her work might impact others, is proactive in communicating and is quick to notify us if she has any concerns. She is a wonderful contribution to the staff on our floor and is a delight to work with.”

Miriam Nelson – She always does an amazing job. Tammy is very thorough and thoughtful in her work. She is one of the most pleasant people on campus. Running into her always brightens my day.”

Nancy Story – “Tammy can always be found cleaning specific parts of the furniture, floors and bathrooms. She gives thorough attention to difficult-to-reach areas between the book stacks as well as to the high-traffic areas. The restrooms are always clean.”

Matt Thomson – “Tammy is fantastic, super thorough and friendly. She’s awesome.”

Robin Wooten – “I wish we had more staff like Tammy – someone with a good attitude and a very strong work ethic.”

Bump said she likes playing her guitar, riding her motorcycle, camping and fishing in her spare time. She has a son, Tyler, who attended Ohio University and now works on the Athens Campus. She enjoys spending time with her schnauzers, Memphis and Kinsley and her bucket list items are mastering the guitar and riding her motorcycle coast-to-coast.

“Ohio University is like a big family and there are great people to work with all over this campus,” Bump said.  

Dillaha, a stationary engineer in the Heating Plant, received the Bargaining Unit Employee of the Month Award after he was nominated by Roy Clonch. In the nomination, he described Dillaha as a very responsible person who understands his job and does it well.

“Danny has worked hard to get his job by volunteering 1,000 hours plus taking classes without being in the apprenticeship program. He’s a great guy with a great attitude,” Clonch said.  

Dillaha began his OHIO career as a utility worker, before working in the bakery and steam plant. He said his goal is to provide a clean, warm happy environment for the students. In his spare time, he likes to play the piano (self-taught), fish, hunt and spend time with his two sons, ages 9 and 11. His bucket list items are to sail fish and conduct an orchestra.

“I have worked very hard to get where I am,” Dillaha said. “I’m grateful for my job and don’t see myself ever wanting to leave, although the job can be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. I always want to go home to my family at the end of the day.”

Kimberly Giffin, administrative services associate in Facilities Management, was awarded the Work Center Classified Employee of the Month Award. Her nominator, Assistant Director of Building Trades Jeff McGlamery, said she is a dedicated team member who cares about the customers and always makes sure the issue at hand is taken care of in a professional manner.

“When working with technicians and managers, she ensures everyone understands the work request and also takes the extra time with our customers,” McGlamery said. “Kim is always upbeat, has a smile on her face and is willing to go the extra mile. Her professionalism with customers, technicians, managers and visitors is truly commendable.”

Giffin has been married for 38 years and has three children and seven grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys boating, long rides on her Kubota side-by-side and spending time with her grandchildren. Outside of work, she works with Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities clients. She said she enjoys the people she works with and the great OHIO employee benefits. She does not have a bucket list, but said she just wants to live a happy, content and full life.

“Working with MRDD clients is something that I have always wanted to do and I find it very enjoyable,” Giffin said. “The people I work with are wonderful and a lot of fun to be around.”

Pam Wolf, a residential custodial services worker on South Green, received a Bargaining Unit Employee of the Month Award after being nominated by her co-worker Carla Kempton. She described Wolf as dependable in her job duties and going the extra mile when asked.

“Pam has been at Ohio University for 20 years and I have never heard anything but good things about her job performance,” Kempton said. “She has a great work ethic and is considerate to her residents. She also bakes every year for her students for holidays and final exams. She also helps the elderly in her community with grocery shopping for them and by preparing meals to take to them. She is just a good person inside and outside of the University.”    

Wolf said she enjoys helping the students with problems, making them treats and wishing them a “good morning” to wake them up. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, baking and visiting Saturday yard sales with her mother and friends.

“My bucket list item is being a contestant on Cash Explosion with my mother,” Wolf said.

All OHIO employees are invited to nominate FMS employees for this award using the nomination form on the FMS website. Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year.