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Published: April 26, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Three Ohio University faculty have been recognized for their excellence in teaching and meritorious academic pursuits both inside and outside of the classroom.

Associate Professor of Finance Dr. Sinan Gokkaya and Associate Professor of English at OHIO Chillicothe Dr. Tony Vinci have been awarded the Presidential Teacher Award for 2019-2022. Lecturer of Political Science Dr. Lauren Elliott-Dorans has been named the recipient of the Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2019-2022. 

The selections for both of these awards included a portfolio review, classroom visitations and personal interviews of the finalists and department chairs or school directors. 

Award recipients will hold their title of Presidential Teacher or Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching for three years. In Fall 2019, a formal announcement and recognition ceremony with the award presentations for all finalists and winners will be held. 

The two finalists for the Presidential Teacher Award included Dr. Gokkaya and Dr. Vinci; and the two finalists for the Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching included Media Arts and Studies Lecturer Josh Antonuccio and Dr. Elliott-Dorans. 

“Ohio University is extremely fortunate to have such outstanding faculty that enhance the overall academic quality of the University each and every day in their classrooms,” said OHIO Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Chaden Djalali. “I’d like to thank the committees for their commitment and dedication to the selection process.”  

The members of the Presidential Teacher Award selection committee included:  

• Associate Professor T. J. Cyders (Mechanical Engineering)

• Associate Professor Craig Davis (Journalism)

• Professor Kataryzna Marciniak (English)

• Associate Professor Ana Rosado-Feger (Management Systems)

• Associate Professor Nancy Tatarek (Sociology and Anthropology)

• Associate Professor Arthur Trese (Environmental and Plant Biology)

• Graduate Student Terrance Reimer (Communication Media Arts)

• Undergraduate Student Amanda Toolis (Retail Fashion and Merchandising)

The members of the Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching selection committee were:  

• Associate Lecturer Rebecca Barlag (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

• Lecturer Lori Esposito (Art)

• Senior Lecturer Nelson Hippolyte Ortega (Modern Languages)

• Senior Lecturer Danny Twilley (Recreation and Sport Pedagogy)

• Graduate Student Nicole Hudak (Communication Studies)

• Undergraduate Student Spencer Stiffler (Psychology)