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Published: April 2, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Dear OHIO students, faculty and staff: 
Spring is almost upon us, and it is time again to showcase the incredible accomplishments of our student researchers across Ohio University. On Thursday, April 11, join me and President Nellis at the annual Student Expo, where you will see firsthand how our undergraduate, graduate, and medical students contribute to OHIO’s research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. 
Did you know that thousands of OHIO students participate in these activities each year to help advance new knowledge, develop innovations, provide social commentary, and create artistic works, all for the benefit of society? Under the direction and mentorship of our dedicated faculty, OHIO students gain a deeper understanding of their academic disciplines and immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that help prepare them for their future careers. OHIO students make a difference!
At the Student Expo, more than 850 students from 54 departments and five campuses will show how they are addressing real-world problems and pursuing tremendous creative opportunities. The 2019 event will feature topics such as: 
Assessing the University’s initiative, Bobcats Helping Bobcats, to help students overcome food insecurity
Using 3-D printing with clay to create art
Learning how to design the most attractive wasp trap
Examining the potential role of climate and humans on the megafauna extinction of North America in the late Pleistocene
Exploring the benefits of gardening for the elderly
Measuring noise exposure and assessing hearing risk for the Marching 110 band members
Examining lake water for toxic algal strains
Estimating bobcat population density
Creating new coal plastic composites for composite decking materials
Looking inside the costume design process for Ohio University’s production of Romeo and Juliet

More than 250 faculty, staff, alumni and business partners will volunteer as judges for the Student Expo, offering our students a valuable opportunity to discuss and share their work. Prizes will be awarded to the top presentations in each category at the end of the event. 
The annual Student Expo will be held Thursday, April 11, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Convocation Center, with free pizza and beverages offered until 1 p.m. Come have lunch and learn from your peers! 
All are welcome! The university community and general public are invited to find out how Ohio University students are learning beyond the walls of the classroom and contributing new ideas to our world.
OHIO students can (and do) change the world.
Warmest regards,
Dr. Chaden Djalali
Executive Vice President and Provost