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Published: March 14, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University Facilities Management and Safety (FMS) recently launched an Employee of the Month program to recognize exceptional performance by Facilities employees. Chief Facilities Officer Steve Wood presented the first set of awards to Anthony Pennington, Stephanie Pennington, Dan Sheets, and Debra Sherman on March 1, 2019.

Carpenter Anthony Pennington received a Bargaining Unit Employee of the Month Award. Pennington has worked at OHIO for over 30 years and expects to retire within the next five years.

Building Trades Shop Manager Ryan Kilgour nominated Pennington and praised his dedication to his work at Ohio University. “If there was one person to be the face of Facilities, I would want it to be Anthony,” Kilgour said. “He epitomizes our core values. His devotion to his co-workers, Facilities Management and Ohio University is a standard all should strive to meet.” According to Kilgour, Pennington’s experience as a longtime employee is critical to understanding problems and identifying appropriate solutions. Kilgour noted that Pennington is a pleasure to work with because of his pleasant demeanor, kindness, and willingness to help at a moment’s notice. “Anthony ensures the job is done right the first time, no matter the conditions,” Kilgour said. “He is always willing to shift gears and take care of the task at hand. His patience with those around him has brought him the respect of managers and peers alike.” 

Capital Program Director Brent Buckley also nominated Pennington, and described him as “helpful, patient, and knowledgeable.” Buckley said Pennington often helps think through the best approach to any project considering factors of time, budget, materials and more. “He is fantastic at helping an idea become a reality,” Buckley noted. “He is continuously producing top-notch work.”

Pennington said Ohio University has been a great place to learn and work and he likes his job, in part, because he works with good people. In his spare time, Pennington enjoys woodworking, as well as hunting and other outdoor activities.

Stephanie Pennington received a Bargaining Unit Employee of the Month Award as a Custodial Services second shift worker. Her supervisor Brian Mershon nominated her for the award and praised her willingness to cover for colleagues and help train new employees. “Stephanie went above and beyond in her duties as a Custodial Worker this month,” Mershon said, noting that Pennington’s workload had increased recently. He said he appreciated Pennington’s hard work, the quality of her work, and her willingness to do more than asked. “Stephanie cares about her customers and worries about doing a good job for them,” Mershon added.

Pennington has worked for Ohio University for 12 years and advises colleagues to have a positive attitude and take pride in their work. “I like being a custodial worker because I get to help others and explore other buildings,” Pennington said “I take pride in keeping buildings clean for others.” 

She enjoys spending time outdoors and relaxing with her two sons in her spare time.

Dan Sheets, the manager for West Green Residential Custodial Services received the Administrative Employee of the Month Award.

The West Green Residential Custodial staff who nominated Sheets for the EOTM award noted his strengths as a manager and their pride in being a part of his team. They said Sheets is liked and respected by all who know him. “We work harder knowing he appreciates us,” West Green RCS staff said in their nomination. “He shows us the utmost respect, has confidence in knowing we can do anything he asks of us, and tries his very best to accommodate our needs.” Sheets’ team said he not only models a strong work ethic and love for his job, but also works to foster positive relationships with colleagues and students.

Sheets has worked at OHIO for nearly 20 years. “I have always liked being around people and my position here has helped me improve and enhance my people skills,” Sheets said. “I really enjoy being around the students. They are so full of energy. They make me want to do more.” He also appreciates his team. “My current staff is the best group I have ever had the pleasure to supervise,” Sheets said. “We are just like family.”

In his spare time, Sheets finds relaxation and enjoyment in the repairing, improving, and building of aspects of mechanical work. He and his wife of 36 years are the proud parents of three sons, all of whom work as engineers.

Debra Sherman received a Bargaining Unit Employee of the Month Award for her work in Residential Custodial Services. She serves as a custodial worker based in Read Hall on the East Green.

Sherman’s colleague Lisa Williamson nominated her for the award, noting that Sherman “goes above and beyond” to ensure her areas are clean. “She has amazing work etiquette, which means her building is always very well-maintained,” Williamson said, adding that Sherman is witty and funny, but doesn’t get sidetracked from her job.

Sherman said she enjoys her co-workers and the students she interacts with on the job. She has worked for Ohio University for nearly 30 years and before coming to OHIO, Sherman worked for Goodyear in Logan, Ohio. In her spare time she enjoys making quilts, camping and spending time with her family. Sherman looks forward to traveling more after she retires in the next few years.

All OHIO employees are invited to nominate FMS employees for this award using the nomination form on the FMS website. Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year. 

Stephanie Pennington

Photo courtesy of: Facilities Management and SafetyStephanie Pennington