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Published: March 5, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Bromley Hall will get new a heating and cooling upgrade, among other improvement, as part of an infrastructure project set to begin in March.

Located at 35 South Congress Street, Bromley Hall was built in 1966 by The Bromley Group. In 2001, Ohio University purchased the building, which now serves as a residence hall, and houses OHIO Testing Services, ROTC offices, and Don and Steve’s Barbershop.

Ohio University has contracted with Sauer Group Incorporated to complete this $5.76 million project. According to Adam Dannaher, director for housing and facilities planning, the Bromley Hall project will involve replacement of equipment that has reached the end of its useful lifecycle.

An HVAC upgrade will feature the installation of a new chiller in the basement, installing new internal components to the rooftop cooling tower, new air handler components, and a new digital temperature control system. The project also includes installation of a new emergency generator and fire alarm panel, as well as fire protection upgrades in the area of work. New natural gas water heaters will be installed as part of the effort to increase energy efficiency. “Using building-based natural gas hot water boilers as an alternative to steam (from the University’s central plant) increases heating systems’ thermal efficiency from about 70 percent to over 90 percent," said Utilities Director Joel Baetens. According to Senior Design and Construction Project Manager Brody Bauers, upgrading from pneumatic to digital temperature controls will enable Facilities staff to better monitor and address temperature issues in the building.

Additionally, the Bromley Hall pool, which has been unused and empty for many years will be filled in, allowing the University to use that space for other purposes.

Since the bulk of the work associate with this project will take place in the building’s basement, there will be minimal disruption to building occupants. Housing will not fill Bromley this summer. Testing Services, ROTC and the barbershop will continue to operate as usual. Impact to campus will be minimal with brief sidewalk closures on Congress Street and High Street as well as a one-time street closure on High Street when the generator is removed from the roof.

Staff from Architecture, Design and Construction are currently working on project planning. Construction will begin around spring break and conclude in August before students return for fall semester.