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Student Accessibility Services seek nominations for Accessibility Ally Award

Student Accessibility Services seek nominations for Accessibility Ally Award
Published: March 20, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Student Accessibility Services is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Accessibility Ally Award to recognize Ohio University faculty and staff members who show a high level of inclusivity toward students with disabilities and their success.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, April 5.

Recipients of this award should demonstrate a high level of respect for all members of this community, incorporate multiple perspectives to understand the impacts of disabilities, express flexibility and empathy with new issues, openly discusses disabilities and reference the Student Accessibility Center, provide full access to accommodations, and does not have the primary job responsibility of working with disabilities.

“We often hear stories from students about instructors or staff that go out of their way to support an accessible and inclusive experience for them,” said Accessibility Coordinator Christy Jenkins. “Through this award, we’ve been able to show our appreciation for work that often goes unrecognized. Although accessibility is an institutional responsibility, nominees are often individuals who have taken it upon themselves to make sure students with disabilities feel included and have a positive experience at OHIO.”

Recipients of the 2019 Ally Award will be honored with a plaque and a celebratory lunch with the Student Accessibility Services staff.

Last year’s winners Jneanne Hacker (housing director of business and conference services) and Dr. Deborah Dodson (senior lecturer of biology, Ohio University Zanesville).

According to last year’s nomination forms, Jneanne works not only to assure access, but to consider the placement that will support student success. Likewise, Dr. Dodson was noted to not only provide accommodations, but encourage and motivate students with disabilities in her courses.

To make a nomination, complete and submit this nomination form. For more information, email Christy Jenkins.