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Published: February 8, 2019 Author: Ohio University Communications and Marketing

Michael Lincoln has more than 35 years of experience working as a professional lighting designer in theater, opera and dance—from regional productions to Broadway and international venues. 

At Ohio University, he is a professor of lighting design and the Artistic Director/Head of the Theater Division in the College of Fine Arts. Lincoln teaches and provides creative opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to learn the art of lighting design.

They may gain experience in the Athens campus theaters and while working as assistants on Lincoln’s professional projects with regional theaters, such as the Indiana Repertory Theatre, Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas, and Cleveland Play House, to name a few. 

The recent purchase of new LED lighting equipment, supported by Ohio University’s 1804 Fund, has offered student designers cutting-edge lighting technology and a fresh artistic palette for their designs. 

In “Research Moment,” Lincoln discusses the experiences that students can gain in the Ohio University theater production design and technology program, the types of careers they can pursue in this field, and the art and impact of lighting design in theater. 

“Research Moment” is a video series produced by the Office of Research Communications and University Communications and Marketing. Theater photo credit: Daniel Rader, Daniel Winters, and PACE photographers.