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Published: February 11, 2019 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University’s Libraries will feature an exhibit titled “Beasts of the Interior by Sarah Minor: Creative Writing off the Page” that will open on the third, fourth and fifth floors of Alden Library on Feb. 18 and will close at the end of the spring semester. The pieces included in the exhibit were made and curated by Sarah Minor, an OHIO doctoral candidate in English, and an assistant professor of English and creative writing at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The three main interactive pieces of the exhibit, “Log Cabin Quilt,” “Foul Chutes,” and “Slim Confessions,” will be accompanied by a visual essay that includes instructions on how the viewer can interact with the installation. Selections from the Libraries’ Rare Book and Fine Arts Collections will also be included in the exhibit.

“We think that having a student present their highly interdisciplinary dissertation research, elements of which are installed throughout the Library, and which are in conversation with pieces from the (OHIO) Libraries’ collections provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase the Libraries and the diverse resources and opportunities it offers, from a student’s perspective and in a student’s voice,” said Miriam Intrator, special collections librarian.

In addition to the exhibit, Minor will be hosting a Talk and Walk tour at 3 p.m. March 6 starting on the fourth floor of the Library. During this event Minor will take her audience on a tour through her installations while explaining the significance of the pieces with a brief demonstration at each site.

For more information visit: https://www.library.ohio.edu/2019/02/alden-library-features-a-three-floor-installation-exhibit/