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Published: November 28, 2017 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University has been named one of the top online colleges in America in the latest rankings from SR Education Group.

OHIO is considered the top school in the country for online associate’s degrees and for top online bachelor’s management degrees. The University also placed third in top online master’s nursing degrees, ninth in top online master’s sports management degrees, and first in most affordable online bachelor’s public relations degrees, among other honors.

“Ohio University is proud to be a leader in online education and is continuing to expand our Worldwide OHIO Web-Learning reach,” Ohio University President M. Duane Nellis said. “We remain dedicated to the highest quality education experience for the more than 6,000 students who take our online courses, and look forward to continuing to grow and expand.”

Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation Bradley Cohen credits the online learning program’s success to strong faculty partners and the ever-improving design of the online learning environment.

“Online learning is incredibly dynamic, it’s collaborative, it’s deeply engaging, and it’s highly impactful when done right,” Cohen said. “The quality of the learning experience is paramount, and we are fortunate to have deeply-engaged faculty who see online teaching as part of their mission.”

The University’s efforts to design quality academic experiences have been recognized on an international level. Kyle Rosenberger, an instructional designer in the Office of Instructional Innovation, won a Blackboard Exemplary Course Award earlier this year; he was one of just seven recipients who received the honor.

Ohio University offers a variety of online programs, including five associate’s degrees, eight bachelor’s degrees, 20 master’s degrees, five teaching endorsements, and two graduate certificates. Online classes are also available as part of a blended curriculum, with some in-class work and some online.

OHIO’s complete list of 2018 honors from SR Education group includes:

  • Top Online Associate Degrees (first)
  • Top Online Bachelor’s Management Degrees (first)
  • Top Online Master’s Nursing Degrees (third)
  • Top Online Master’s Sports Management Degrees (ninth)
  • Top Online Master’s Healthcare Administration Degrees (13th)
  • Top Online Master’s Engineering Management Degrees (16th)
  • Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s Public Relations Degrees (first)
  • Most Affordable Online Master’s Engineering Management Degrees (18th)
  • Most Affordable Online Master’s Nursing Degrees (22nd)