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Classified Service Awards Ceremony honors 107 staffers

Classified Service Awards Ceremony honors 107 staffers
Published: October 2, 2017 Author: George E. Mauzy Jr.


Ohio University thanked 107 employees for their dedicated service on Thursday during the 49th annual Classified Service Awards Ceremony. Classified Senate and University Human Resources sponsored the event held in Walter Hall Rotunda.

Employees were recognized for completing five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service. Honorees received a special gift according to their years of service.

First-year President M. Duane Nellis and first lady Ruthie Nellis attended the ceremony for the first time. The president thanked the employees for their outstanding service.

"You’re an extraordinary group and it's amazing to look through the list of names and see the relatively newcomers who have five years of service as well as the one 40-year person. Then you have me and my wife, Ruthie, who have been here for three months,” President Nellis laughed. “When I talk about leadership, it’s not just me or the deans or the faculty – we are all leaders in the role that we play and we all contribute to the University’s success. We couldn’t be the University we are without you. We are a better place because of the contributions that you all have made.”

The most senior of the honorees in attendance were 35-year honorees Kim Hayden and James (Mike) Yeager. The most senior person honored was Zanesville Campus Library Support Specialist Amylou Underwood who celebrated her 40-year milestone this year. Unfortunately, she couldn’t attend the ceremony. Twelve employees were recognized for 30 years of service.

Hayden is an executive assistant for Regional Higher Education. She said the key to longevity is being adaptable.

“You have to be able to adapt to the changes the University goes through every year,” Hayden said. “Working with the people is my favorite thing about this job and it keeps me going.”

Yeager, an administrative specialist in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, schedules the clinical experiences for the first- and second-year medical students.

“This has been a wonderful place to work,” Yeager said. “I like working with the students and working on campus. I came to school here in 1975 and never left. To make it 35 years, you need to enjoy what you’re doing and enjoy the people.”

Colleen Bendl, chief human resource officer, said when she arrived on campus three and a half years ago, some of her first interactions were with the classified staff in her office who helped her complete her onboarding paperwork.

“I noticed right away their dedication, extensive knowledge, friendliness and pride in their work,” Bendl said. “As my interactions increased, I noticed the same qualities across campus and realized that you are what the University is all about. I quickly learned that you are an integral part of the fabric of this institution.”

David Descutner, interim executive vice president and provost, also expressed his appreciation for classified employees and said he didn’t want to miss the chance to tell them how much they have meant to his career and the University.

“One of the things that matters to me is that we recognize the work that you do,” Dr. Descutner said. “You’re here for the students and genuinely make them feel cared about and valued and that really matters. I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do.”

Classified Senate Chair Sharon Romina said classified staffers provide support and resources to students and the administration.

“Classified staff are often the first people our guests encounter when they visit campus. This positive first impression can be a life-changing experience for students,” Romina said.

She said she thought the annual ceremony went very well.

“I’m happy Dr. Nellis, Dr. Descutner and Colleen Bendl were able to attend and speak to the honorees,” Romina said. “They realize how important classified staff are.”

After lunch, the ceremony ended with a raffle that presented many of the honorees with outstanding door prizes. President Nellis also posed for pictures with each group of honorees by years of service.

For more information about Classified Senate, visit https://www.ohio.edu/csen/

Here is a list of the 2017 honorees:

40 years

Underwood, Amylou P (Amy)


35 years

Hayden, Kim S

Wilson, Judith Anne (Judy)

Yeager, James Michael (Mike)


30 years

Andrews, Lynn M

Baringer, Ginger Anita

Douglas, Rose Anne

Gabriel, Christine E (Chris)

Landis, Amber D

Locke, Judy Ann

Neimayer, Alex Curtis

Nutter, Penny L

Palmer, Barbara J

Parsons, Michele R


25 years

Matheny, David Dwight (Dave)

Mittleman, Janet E (Jan)

Peerey, Rebecca Lynn

Sinclair, Brenda S

Sorden, David F

Stanley-Linscott, Inez E


20 years

Bowie, Douglas R

Hoskinson, Eric E

Nichols, Treva J

Peters, Rena L

Ruble, Michelle L

Sandford, Christopher Deane (Chris)

Schmittauer, Paul Wayne

Schoonover, Diana D

Sheets, Cheri

Skinner, Joyceline C (Joyce)

Sutphin, Melanie Kay (Kay)

Tarantelli, Cherice Lyn (Cheri)

Ward, Anne K

Stabler, John R

Swearingen, Michael L


15 years

Chillik, Mike I

Coen, Wendy C

Ervin, Tina E

Forshey, Jacqueline A

Hardy, Christi Allen

Huber, Margie A

Jenkins, Marlene

Knapp, Nicole J

Lutz, Kelli C

McKibben, Tracy M

Meyer, Cindy L

Nelson, Brenda K (Brenda K)

Romina, Sharon M

Tuck, Laura Ann

Vale, April D

Weisenbach, Luanne

Young, Maureen Kay

Zeisler, Robin C

Schoonover, Jason W


10 years

Arocho, Corinthian S

Bloomfield, Suzanne E (Suzi)

Border, Kimberlee Ann (Kim)

Bungard, Patricia A

Collins, Alvena Dawn

Dewey, Jamie M

Dobo, Kenneth A

Fluellen, Jodi M

Holt, Kathy Lynn

Hutchison, Natasha L (Tasha)

Lenigar, Christina J

Meyer, Theresa Lynn

Mulligan, Joyce B

Pendergast, Michelle A

Simeral, Jerry T Jr

Tilley, Beth Ann

Whiting, Summer L

Young, Jennifer M (Jenni)

Carsey, William Leo

Frith, Kevin D


5 years

Butterworth, April A

Chadwell, Caela W

Cottrill, Brittney Lynn

Dana, Chris

Davis, Sarah Elizabeth

Dixon, Sandra

Fenjac, Bridget M

Freeman, Chelsea Marie

Graham, Amanda

Hill, Jerri L

Hoffman, Adam W

Holbrook, Dana M

Hunter, Tiffany D

Johnson, Stephanie Danielle

Jones, Linda M

Landrum, Cheri L

Matheny, Gloria K

Meade, Jason Paul

Ohlinger, Lita L

Peters, Karen

Pittman, Jillian L (Jill)

Riffle, Wesley J

Schoch, Christina

Scowden, Elizabeth Myrene

Sharpe, Cynthia Sue (Cindy)

Simons, Kevin

Simunovich, James M (Matt)

Smith, Jill A

Spaulding, Candice

Van Bibber, Jody E

Wallace, Rhonda D

President Nellis and first lady

Photographer: Ben SiegelPresident M. Duane Nellis and first lady Ruthie Nellis attended the Sept. 28 awards ceremony

Provost Descutner

Photographer: Ben SiegelInterim Executive Vice President and Provost David Descutner greets the crowd at the Classified Service Awards Ceremony on Sept. 28