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Published: March 30, 2018 Author: Staff reports

The Campus Climate Task Force (CCTF) was created in 2014 to evaluate information resulting from the Modern Think 2014 Great Colleges Survey and formulate actionable recommendations.

The CCTF reviewed the survey results with a Modern Think representative to gain an understanding of the overarching themes. There were 15 core dimensions contained within the survey that, upon review, revealed several areas in which employees reported both favorable results and areas of widespread concern.

The CCTF then undertook an in-depth analysis of the data. Goals were established to:

  • Communicate openly and regularly through a variety of vehicles.
  • Seek further information and input from the University community to enhance our understanding of the campus climate and to guide any recommendations.
  • Have a strong orientation toward action.

The CCTF issued their report, and three new sub-committees were formed to implement the recommendations noted within the following key areas:

  • University-wide internal communications.
  • Senior leadership/strategic direction.
  • Professional development/departmental leadership.

Substantial progress has been made by all three subcommittees. Throughout the rest of spring semester, the progress made by each of the implementation sub-committees will be communicated through the OHIO Employee News (OEN) email published every Monday by University Communications and Marketing.

Additionally, a new website that contains other pertinent information and activities related to the work of the CCTF members has been launched. To visit the site, please click: https://www.ohio.edu/climate/.