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Published: March 22, 2018 Author: Samara Rafert

Robert Gipe, author of the award-winning 2015 illustrated novel “Trampoline," has just published “Weedeater," which continues the story of reluctant heroine Dawn Jewell and is the second book in a planned trilogy.

He wrote about the novel for the “Behind the Book” web column for national book review publication, BookPage.

In his piece, titled “In the Place I Live: Welcome to Rural Kentucky and Weedeater,” Gipe writes, “I wrote “Weedeater” knowing people who live where I do also read books. So I try to write something for them that deals with what is hard, but also catches how much fun we have, and how much spirit for surviving we have, and I try to write books that mess around with ideas about how things could maybe get better. But then I also write books to try and catch what it’s like when a whole bunch of things go wrong at once for readers for whom not so many things have gone wrong.”

Gipe’s deep empathy for his characters and the real-life people who inspire him, along with his refusal to bow to sentimentality and his unerring ear for dialect, have won him a fervent following and rapturous reviews.

Most recently, Chapter16.org, an arm of Humanities Tennessee, reviewed the book, saying, “His characters come across as absolutely real, simultaneously funny and heartbreaking.” 

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