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Published: March 15, 2018 Author: Staff reports

The Badging and Certification Project will provide on-the-job professional development opportunities for Ohio University employees through new learning opportunities recorded in Blackboard. The first badges and certificate are expected to be available summer 2018 with the full program launching during the 2018-2019 academic year.

OHIO’s Competency Training Framework (CTF), the basis for professional development pathways for OHIO employees, is now available on the Professional Development webpage on the Human Resources website. The Competency Dictionary and Success Profiles, resources developed to support the CTF, are also available. Additional changes to the Professional Development web page will provide employees with a centralized location for training opportunities associated with the Badging and Certification Program, information on the future use of Blackboard, and links to other resources to help employees with skill development.

With the completion of the CTF, a gap analysis was conducted by Organizational and Talent Development office as the next step in the process of identifying meaningful learning experiences for employees. The gap analysis identifies what learning experiences are currently offered by the University and what topics need to be developed to support the key knowledge, skills, and behaviors identified in the CTF. The Badging and Certification Work Group, which kicked off in January, will provide input in developing a roadmap for training content identified through the gap analysis assessment. Members of this work group represent most planning units and their participation is key to providing the “user experience” perspective for all aspects of the Badging and Certification Program. The work group will meet monthly until the launch of the program to provide critical feedback and input on program development and communication and training efforts.

The project team and work group discussed various program names and supporting graphics to help to build recognition for the Badging and Certification Program. The program is now called OHIO Professional Development Pathways. The graphic you will see associated with this program depicts a colorful, abstract path, representing learning development. The graphic consists of nine blocks, representing the core knowledge, skills, and behaviors that make up the CTF.

Professional Development Pathways graphic

For questions or additional information, please email professionaldevelopment@ohio.edu.