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Graduate Faculty Research Interests
Department E-mail
  Day, Mitchell
Neurophysiology and psychophysics of the auditory system; neural and behavioral effects of hearing loss; neural coding; computational modeling
Biological Sciences
Colvin, Robert Mechanisms of neural degeneration in Alzheimer's disease and stroke. Biological Sciences colvin@ohio.edu
DiCaprio, Ralph Organization and generation of stereotyped behavior patterns by the nervous system. Biological Sciences rdicaprio1@ohio.edu
Duerr, Janet Genetics of neurotransmitter trafficking in the nervous system; behavioral consequences of abnormalities in neurotransmission. Biological Sciences duerr@ohio.edu
Holmes, William Mathematical and computational models of nerve cells; long-term potentiation; dendritic spines. Biological Sciences holmes@ohio.edu
Hooper, Scott Principles underlying flexibility in rhythmic neural networks; cellular and network modeling. Biological Sciences hooper@ohio.edu
  de Lacalle, Sonsoles
Brain aging and structural plasticity
Biomedical Sciences delacall@ohio.edu
Jung, Peter Non-linear dynamics and pattern formation in spatially extended systems; stochastic modeling of neuronal processes. Physics and Astronomy jungp@ohio.edu
Lee, Daewoo Molecular and cellular basis of neuromodulation and synaptic plasticity. Mechanisms of selective dopaminergic cell loss in Parkinson's disease. Biological Sciences leed1@ohio.edu
Li, Yang Cell-to-cell communication in the central nervous system (CNS); how the brain modifies its function and structure through experience. Biomedical Sciences liy1@ohio.edu
Neiman, Alex Nonlinear stochastic dynamics and information analysis of vertebrate sensory neurons. Physics and Astronomy neimana@ohio.edu
Nowak, Felicia The functions and mechanisms of action of two neuropeptide genes.
Biomedical Sciences nowak@ohio.edu
  Nunemaker, Craig
  Biomedical Sciences
Russell, David Neuroscience of the vertebrate octavolateralis sensory systems, including electrosensory, lateral line mechanosensory, audition, and the vestibular senses. Biological Sciences russeld2@ohio.edu


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