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Who can apply to each eligible program?

  • LPN to RN program requires that the individual be a licensed practical nurse prior to entering the program, which will lead to an associate degree in nursing and qualify the graduate to take the exam to become a registered nurse.
  • RN to BSN requires the applicant to be a registered nurse prior to beginning the program.
  • Accelerated BSN requires that a student has completed a bachelor's degree in a area other than nursing before they enter the accelerated program.
  • MSN requires the individual to have earned a bachelor's degree before beginning study.















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Admissions requirements for nursing programs.

Each program has specific admissions criteria. To find out more about the particular requirements for the program you plan to complete, visit the DEGREE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE tab.

Prior to being admitted to the School of Nursing (SON), students must meet Ohio University’s
admission criteria and be admitted to the University. Admission to Ohio University does not
guarantee admission to the specific nursing program. Admission to the nursing programs is selective and competitive; meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee admission to any program. Students must meet the selective criteria of the specific nursing program to be considered for selection, visit the DEGREE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE tab for links to more information about each program.

All programs require the following:

  • Completion of appropriate application (see DEGREE PROGRAMS OFFERED)
  • Payment of application fee (non-refundable)
  • Submission of official copies of specified transcripts
  • Specified health status requirements
  • Criminal background checks
  • Minimum grade point average
  • Statement of goals (ADN & BSN)
  • LPNs seeking admission to the ADN program must hold and maintain a current and valid LPN license throughout the program
  • Students are to contact the relevant SON office or the SON website for complete details for admission to the chosen program.
  • LPN to BSN - Advanced standing may be granted if the following criteria are met:
    • Graduate of a state board approved practical nursing program
    • Holds a current LPN license
    • Apply and be selected to Ohio University pre-BSN code
    • Meet BSN criteria
    • Submit two letters of reference. One must be from the most recent employer, and the second one is the student’s choice
    • Demonstrate clinical competency for a given case scenario
    • Achieve a minimal grade of 90% of the School of Nursing Math for Meds examination
    • If all criteria are met, the LPN may receive the following credits: NRSE 1110 and NRSE 2220

Review the School of Nursing Handbook for more information about admissions to nursing programs and what is expected of students in those programs. Download a PDF of the handbook HERE.